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August 12, 2017
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Via Fioravanti and that completely renovated area of Milan

There are streets that represent a city, a neighbourhood, a historical period, a story like that of Via Fioravanti in Milan. Every proper story has certainly a beginning and, inevitably, an end. The latter may be unknown, unknown at the starting point, and can be revealed, anticipated and manifested during the journey.

The area around via Fioravanti is particularly suitable for an excursion to the discovery of the city. It has been completely renewed through reconditioning and pedestrianization works carried out over the last few years to make this district a beautiful, unique and pleasant place to visit.

Via Fioravanti, in the heart of the new Milan, comes out onto the historic via Paolo Sarpi, recapturing the historic and traditional aspects of the city but welcoming, at the same time, the modern ones. Thanks to the upgrading work, this area has been transformed into a large and elegant pedestrian street where you can go shopping, taste local and ancient flavours of this city and find workshops and craftworks.

Via Fioravanti, in the heart of the new Milan, comes out onto the historic via Paolo Sarpi... Click To Tweet

In the same area of the city, in the same street, there are some of Milan’s most important elements: art, fashion, culture, business and beauty. From via Fioravanti, in fact, you can leave for a unique itinerary to discover the city’s characteristic and futuristic places. An ideal itinerary for all those who travel to Milan, even for a short stopover, because time is precious and every moment should be lived in a beautiful atmosphere, like the one kept and offered in the renovated via Fioravanti area.

Hotel VIU Milan, the hotel par excellence, with its five-star glamour, elegance, luxury, wellness and style, is located right in via Fioravanti, in the new district of Milan. It is a fantastic hotel, which goes beyond all the most amazing fantasies: dream suites, 360° panoramic outdoor pool overlooking the city skyline, luxury restaurant with the best chefs, lounge bar for cocktails and aperitifs that exalt beautiful life’s passions and the experience of enjoying pleasures.

From Via Fioravanti to Via Fioravanti, in a kind of circular trip, the starting point coinciding with the arrival one. A trip from which you will return richer than as you left and you’ll be ready to pick up your luggage again leaving for a new adventure, maybe away from here, for work, family or personal reasons. You’ll bring with you rimembrances of places, faces, perfumes, flavours and words experienced here in via Fioravanti and the completely renovated area of the new Milan.

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