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August 28, 2017
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August 28, 2017
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Travel tips: what does a bleisure-traveller put in his luggage?

Is it never holiday time or rather is it never working time for a bleisure-traveller? From every point of view you want to look at the matter, there is always a physical place in the middle, a place where the traveller needs to express his way of life. And there are always some travel tips you can give.

Here is the first travel tip for a bleisure traveller. The first suggestion is to feel bleisure, that is, to step into a way of life prone to take advantage of all the situations to be on holiday and, at the same time, to know how to seize moments to do business (and new business). Who has already been our guest knows, for example, what  means to be in our pool and be able to work from smartphones or with their own laptop while enjoying the skyline of Milan. But there are many ways to enjoy life while working … or working while enjoying life ..;)

More practical tips and suggestions i.e. what may not be missing in the suitcase of a bleisure-traveller:

1. Tablet

What’s better than starting and ending your day working by the pool. If your job requires more than a few email replies but you want to do without a cumbersome PC (though portable), the “Bleisure” solution is a tablet.

2. Swimsuit etc.

Swimming pool, spa or short sea excursion. There is always a chance to take some time to swim or relax in the spa.

Guests at our hotel can enjoy both terrace pool and spa.

3. Casual clothes

  • Milan’s nightlife is famous and unbeatable for those who love pubs, discos and clubs.
  • An informal dress is certainly indispensable for being in line with Milan’s fashion.
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EXTRA: A little (half-serious) dictionary

English language is increasingly popular and it is easy to communicate with local people even if a small set of “Milanese” words can always be useful 😉

1 — SUL PEZZO: In Milan people are not just “informed” but “sempre sul pezzo” That is literally: “always on the piece”! Halfway between a pneumatic hammer and a CIA agent who leaves nothing to chance, who is “sul pezzo (on the piece)” doesn’t let anything run away on a subject.

2 — GENIALATE: In Milan one doesn’t make “smart things”, people make “Genialate da non credere” (Literally: “brainwaves hard to believe”. However please note that the expression “Va che genialata”, in fact, may also have ironically the opposite meaning. Handle this expression with care.

3 — STAI SERENO: when someone gives you a piece of advice and finishes his sentence with “STAI SERENO” he wants to make you understand that you can rely on his tips.

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