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Between Corso Garibaldi and Corso Como: Alternative shopping streets near VIU
October 30, 2017
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October 30, 2017
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A green aperitif inside Isola neighbourhood

Shall we take a walk around?

While walking through Isola neighbourhood we can’t help looking at its particular double aspect: skyscrapers, created by man with the help of the most innovative technologies, and the green, expressed in the best way by the Vertical Forest’s terraces which show our desire to find a dialogue with nature. This new spirit does not only involve architecture, but becomes something more philosophical, transforming itself into a lifestyle that spreads in shops, common areas and places of entertainment.

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Among the most skilled businesses to ride this “green wave” and to propose an atmosphere that combines craftsmanship and nature is Deus Café. The Australian brand Deus Ex Machina, known mainly in the world of surfing and motorbikes, has been offering us for some years an innovative multi-lateral space which works as a clothing store, showroom and café in via Thaon Di Revel 3. Deus’s rooms, characterized by an incredible wealth of plants, are the ideal escape from metropolitan life where you can take a dip in nature in the middle of Milan. Here, in fact, under the open sky, you can enjoy your relaxing aperitif choosing from a wide range of wines and fantastic cocktails, accompanied with some appetizers from the buffet.

At the end of the evening, after enjoying your Moscow Mule in the green of Deus Café, you could also take a look at the store. In the store you can admire the classic creations of Deus Ex Machina, like the “Greivous Angel” or “The Mono” motorcycles or buy a T-shirt to take as a souvenir of your trip.

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And after the third Moscow Mule I would say it’s time to return to our comfortable VIU Milan Hotel 🙂

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