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October 30, 2017
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October 30, 2017
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Artistic weekend in Milan

Art … What a boring life it would be without art! It gives us emotions, makes us reflect, teaches us new things. All of us (someone more, some others much less) appreciate art because it makes us become better people, it uplifts us from the daily monotony giving us the beauty and thoughts which take our mind away from a flat routine. And we are sure that among you there are almost obsessive art lovers, who can’t live without visiting any exhibition or going to a gallery opening for a whole week. It is right for you, lovers of beauty, that we provide this guide to the most varied art exhibitions in Milan.

Dentro Caravaggio (inside Caravaggio): From 29th September to 28th January at Palazzo Reale. The exhibition presents twenty paintings by Caravaggio, from the most prestigious museums in the world, such as Palazzo Barberini, Uffizi Gallery, National Gallery, Metropolitan and others. You will not only be able to see the famous works of the rebel artist, but also to have a close look on what his private life was, through documents such as criminal court records, depositions of witnesses, inventories of seized assets and other evidence of Michelangelo Merisi’s stormy life.


Klimt Experience: From July 26th to January 7th at MUDEC. Other than the more “material” exhibition Dentro Caravaggio, Klimt Experience is characterised by its digital graphic appearance. While visiting the exhibition it will be possible to experience a multisensory excursion into the life, philosophy and work of one of the most remarkable exponents of the Vienna Secession. Sounds, images, music and graphics will guide you through an interactive path for a complete vision of the great Austrian genius.

Chagall: A summer night’s dream: From October 14th to January 28th at the “La Permanente” Museum. Moving the focus further to the east we meet the works of the Belarusian painter Marc Chagall. The 12 stages on which the exhibition is based aim at better understanding the artist’s vision, investigating not only the years of his life in France, but also on his origins, the bond with his homeland and the influence of Russian culture.

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Ettore Sottsass – There Is A Planet: From September 15th to March 11th at La Triennale di Milano. Being photography and architecture two forms of art, an exhibition including them both is definitely worth visiting. There Is A Planet is a photographic exhibition dedicated to the famous Italian architect and designer on the occasion of the centenary year of his birth. The exhibition originated in a project of a book about Sottsass, which was intended to collect also texts and photographs of the architect, but unfortunately it never came into being.

Famous Artists From Chicago: From October 20th to January 15th at Fondazone Prada. Here we can remain focused on contemporary art by virtually moving to Chicago. The exhibition path will cross the ocean and shed light on the second post-war period in the United States, where local artists questioned the traditional exhibition conventions based on production and use of the art works. Here you will learn about the creations of artists who are not universally recognized by the critics yet, but have marked, however, the history of the new artistic generations.

At this point we wish you a good, super-artistic weekend!

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