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A green aperitif inside Isola neighbourhood
October 30, 2017
Artistic weekend in Milan
October 30, 2017
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Are you a photographer travelling to Milan? Hotel VIU recommends you a competition

How much we love Instagram? The photo publishing app is increasingly popular all over the world and has given us one more role to play, that of the photographer.

Yes, we are all photographers now and we are proud of it 😉

Thanks to social media such as Flickr, Pinterst and Instagram we started to see the world under differen eyes, to go beyond the surface and to notice the beauty even of places we didn’t use to glance at.

Selfies, clothing, architecture, food and, above all, experiences and places.

The places we visit, which strike us remaining impressed not only in our camera pixels but also in our

And if we told you that now you can choose a photo, the one you published with more pride feeling like a
professional, and participate in a real photo contest?

MILANOMERAVIGLI. La città in una foto (The city in a picture)

It is a competition dedicated to all photographers who want to pay homage to Milan through a shot that tells its true essence.

Places can speak, tell stories and true observers can tell these stories through images. To be allowed to compete, just send a snapshot of our wonderful Milan accompanied by a short biography and an introductory text. Deadline is November 26th, when the third edition will be over.

A little advice? If you are guests of our hotel go to the eighth floor, on the terrace, the view will take your breath away, but after you’ll have recovered you can take some pictures and make the others envious 😉

For more information on the competition you can visit its official website:

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